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Yomeena Foundation is a non-governmental organization. It was a voluntary effort launched in 2016, which was registered in 2017. It is currently a nationwide organization which is employed in twelve states of the country. Yomeena Care Foundation is working in the field of Health, Education, Rural, Women and Child Development, Media Reform, Law Sector, Sports and Culture.

Yomeena Foundation is a leading NGO in India. It provides a platform to the people, to come together and give a smile on each and every face by donating & sponsoring them.

  1. Fastest growing NGO in India.
  2. Vast coverage all over India.
  3. Customise donation programs.
  4. Experienced team of social working.
  5. Functional transperency at all level.

Our History

Yomeena Foundation came in light since 2017, while it registered as National Non- Profit Organization. Before, As a National Non Profit Organzation, Yomeena Foundation was a regional society, it worked for poor students in rural areas. Yomeena Foundation worked for finding talented students and helped them to achieve their goals.

Since 2012, Yomeena Foundation is continuously organizing scholarship programs in schools but now days it has converted as an online scholarship programs for students, named as Narendra Singh Chauhan Smriti Scholarship. From starting, Yomeena Foundation has helped for thousand of students and it is continuously working for their better tomorrow.

Our Mentor Abhinav Chauhan, had play a major role in converting this regional society into National Non Governmental Organization and We hope, in few years we will known it as a worldwide helping society.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Values

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A strong woman is both soft and powerful, she is both practical and spiritual. A strong woman in her essence is a gift to the world.

The child care program is a process in which we aimed to developing and extending each child’s thinking, skills, interests, and abilities.

“Education programs” which are principally engaged in the provision of education, including, but not limited to, early childhood education.

We are doing some important programs related to rural development good transportation, well-planned education, system, well-managed water system.

Social Reform includes empowerment, housing and other programs geared towards assisting the poor, unemployed and marginalized in society.

Activities included are generally oriented towards youth development through recreation, social life, prevention, intervention, or education.

Donate Our Popular Charity Causes

Yomeena Foundation is continuously doing work for uplifting the underprivileged children's and for their education. Yomeena foundation offers to Corporate Industries, Educational Institutions, National and International Development Societies to come with them and establish a bond as a supporter or as a partner.

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